Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Now I can print like a pro!

My old Epson has been on the fritz lately, giving me fits, throwing up all over perfectly nice paper..... So sorry old buddy, but you had to be replaced! Introducing my new Epson photo printer:

The greatest feature of this model, and the reason I chose this one, is that it can print waterproof ink. Now, I haven't researched it entirely, so I don't know if it is only waterproof when used in combination with Epson papers, or if the ink itself is waterproof. At the very least, the ink is water resistant. Wouldn't it be cool if I could offer washable I Spy Bags? I think that would be wonderful - as a mommy myself. Everything should be washable....
Right now I have a few things in the bags (play money, playing card, etc) that would have to be saved for the original design, but I think I have enough other items that would fare well in the washing machine. Not sure at what temperature those plastic poly pellets melt, so I don't know about the dryer yet... Updates to follow!
But seriously, the REAL reason I bought this printer is because I'd like to get into the paper side of things as well. Maybe I can start by selling some prints of photographs I've taken. Here is an example of a photo that *might* sell:
Or maybe this one I took after an ice storm:
I think it will be fun playing with my new printer! I need to go out and buy some photo paper now.... or maybe some of Epson's fine art papers.

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