Wednesday, January 9, 2008

In another treasury! This one is really pretty...

Okay, I just have to say that the treasury is on steroids... I can hardly get through it to even see if I'm in one! I liked it better when there were fewer - when I get to the bottom of the page and it says "the treasury is full right now" I have to laugh every time. Yes, that is an understatement. Is it EVER not full?

I digress - anyway, mom and I are in this really beautiful treasury right now - maybe even front page worthy??? Thanks to yaelfran for including my mom's totally cool My Favorite Sweater Bag.

Here is a quick screenshot ~
Isn't it pretty? I just love the colors :)
And I really love those monster paws by BadCloud. How fun is that?


  1. How pretty!! I agree. The treasury is getting overwhleming. :)

  2. I gave up on the treasuries. Certainly snagging one is impossible. Congrats on being picked.


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