Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another break!

Well, after yesterday's SUPER sales, I have pondered why it was so..... It could be one of many variables that all came together at the same time. According to the statistics found on http://www.etsytools.com/, Mondays usually have the most sales, and yesterday had ALOT. On the other hand, I purchased my first showcase spot in the Children's category page and it ran yesterday. So, I was thinking last night that it was probably the showcase spot, which I originally didn't think would be THAT helpful. It was just an experiment. Well, the experiment was a success.... so I thought. So, this morning I got up and decided to purchase two more showcases. One will be on December 5th, the other on December 10th. So, I shelled out $14 this morning working off the assumption that it was the showcase that gave me the great sales.

It's likely that I am WRONG! I got an email this morning from a customer who forwarded this newsletter to me:

I was apparently featured in the December 3rd issue based on her suggestion! Thank you SO much Barbra at AllAboutTheButtons!

Here is a screenshot of ME in the newsletter:

Also, Barbra told me that Danielle at Etsy told her they were going to put an I Spy Bag in the Gift Guides. AND THEY DID! It's in the boys (3-7) category. This is the one they picked:

This is all very exciting for me and my mom (probably more for me haha)... I hope it keeps up after the holiday rush.
Tonight I'm working on some more I Spy Bags in shapes. I have some more hearts cut out, and I'm trying some stars. More later!


Today was my best sales day EVER! Okay, so I know it hasn't been THAT long (just wrapping up my first month on Etsy), but today was my best day so far. I've sold so many I Spy Bags that I have almost totally run out of supplies! I have to figure out fast how to get some more so I can keep striking while the holiday iron is hot! Here are some of the things I listed today:

The heart shaped one sold almost right away. I relisted it - I have plenty of fabric, I'll just have to make another if someone orders another right away. I sold 4 today of the large bag made out of pirate fabric. I'm so glad that I bought some more of it. I think I'm going to run out by tomorrow, though!
I have to admit that I am SO happy doing this! I've got my creative outlet allowing me to get away from the kids at least mentally if not always physically. I'm having so much fun, and I'm SUPER busy. I love being busy. It's nice to be busy doing something other than changing diapers, fixing booboos, doing laundry, or cooking. Or, I don't know, sweeping the kitchen floor for the sixteenth time since my two youngest put EVERYTHING into their mouths... Yes, I am happy with the hum of my sewing machine, the fibers flying around and settling in my hair, the repetitive motion of turning the wheel, putting the foot up and down.... the crunch crunch of the scissors gliding along the table as I cut fleece. This is probably my mother's worst fear - I just MIGHT be turning into her. But how cool is that?! My mom is awesome...
Oh, how I wish this could be my full time job! I can just imagine all that I could get done in a day! I would have so many new designs and I would be able to branch out into different areas. Ah well, a girl can dream :) Speaking of dreaming, I gotta go to bed.