Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Challenge

The end of last year had me drowning in business, and I lost a bit of the thrill of making things. Over Christmas, my mom had a great idea to challenge me each week with a surprise artifact/miniature/antique. I'm scaling back a bit to enjoy more time with my family, keep things interesting, and liven up my creative side. I sincerely appreciate all of my customers in 2009, but I need a break!

My mom (so clever) sent me a box filled with tiny wrapped and numbered packages. She enclosed this card: The Challenge: Open one box every Friday. Create a story animal by the next Thursday.

Item #1 is a tiny pencil. Tiny and red - the lead is only about 1 mm thick (the entire pencil is only about an inch long!). I've had bunnies on the brain with Easter coming up, so a rabbit is likely... Check back on Friday to see what I have made!