Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Christmas tree is finally down!

Yes, it is mid-January and I am just now getting my fire-hazard Christmas tree out the door. Of course, all the ornaments are packed in their boxes, but THOSE boxes haven't been packed into the Christmas boxes yet, so the room is still littered... I have to say that my husband and I made huge strides today getting it down.

Of course you know that means that I got no crafting done today... But, I finally got the spaceship bag listed, of which I am very proud :)

I have to admit that my mind is elsewhere. My baby, it turns out, is allergic to everything under the sun and I'm in the middle of trying to reverse weaning him from the breast (because the new formula would cost more than my Etsy shop could possibly support), whilst keeping my breastmilk clear of allergens. This means I'm on a new diet that has no soy, no dairy, and no eggs. Try that. That damn 'soy lechithin' is in just about EVERYTHING we humans eat on a daily basis. I digress....

It's just hard to think artsy stuff when all I can think about is what I'm going to be eating (or not eating) for my next meal ;)

I'm sure it will be good for me *wink*


  1. Yeah, we still have our "quickly becoming a fire hazard" wreath hanging outside! I just started packing up the decorations yesterday. *sigh* Thank you for the sweet comment on the forums the other day. I just found it :) And don't be silly. Your blog is looking quite nice!

  2. Oh and I'm sorry to hear about the baby. I know it must be frustrating. I used to work in childcare and we had to deal with a lot of allergy cases (still, not the same as living them). Most babies will grow out of some allergies as their bodies and immune systems change. Good luck to you :)


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