Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I should have tied a piece of string to my finger...

I woke up this morning and realized that I promised a custom order last week would ship on Tuesday. Yep. Today is Tuesday. I thought I was giving myself plenty of time with doing the mailing to the magazine and all. "I could ship by Tuesday," I said on Thursday, thinking "that will be lots of time for me to get my act together."

It's a great thing that today is Tuesday, since my Shirley comes on Tuesdays. She got here at 8:26am, apologizing that she was late (she starts work at 8:30am). She is awesome :)

So, even though there is a mountain in my laundry room that is threatening to overtake the kitchen, I tell Shirley that I must make a custom order first, and to UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, ENTER THE LAUNDRY ROOM. You see, Shirley aims to please, and tries to clean up everything when she is here. This makes me feel a tiny bit guilty when there really is a BIG mess when she arrives.

8:32am - I hunker down in my workshop to make a fish shaped eye spy bag from scratch. I didn't even have the pattern cut out or anything. Huh, not what I wanted to do today, but hey someone has to support the Shirley fund.

Done. Shower. Go to post office. Eat lunch.

and just like that, it was time for Shirley to go home. No time just for me. I guess that's what I deserve for forgetting to make my custom order.... At least I didn't let my customer down!

I better get some laundry done before Thursday when Shirley comes back.


  1. Don't worry...I'm pretty sure we all do this from time to time (except those who refuse to admit it!)-- look at prioritizing as a fun game...you will still lose but have fun playing!


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