Saturday, April 26, 2008

449 users call thosegreathousewomen a favorite

This is what it says on Etsy when I click on "who hearts this shop" - wow! I remember a time (not too long ago?) when I was totally obsessed with how many "hearts" I had. When one user marks your shop as a favorite, it gives your shop a heart. I would check the count every day (actually multiple times a day, actually multiple times an hour). Now it seems that it has been like a week or something since I even thought about it. I used to click on every shop that showed interest in my work, scouring their shop to analyze why they "hearted me." Did they want to buy from me? Did they "heart" any specific items? Did they admire my work? Did they want to copy me? I swear it drove me batty. Now I guess you could call me a seasoned professional. Does 5 months on Etsy make me "seasoned" I wonder? Is 449 hearts in 5 months a good total? Do I care?

Now that my mom has a shop, I find that I'm becoming obsessed with how many hearts *she* has. I find it amazing that she has so many (38) in such a short amount of time being open (5 days). There is this really cool program that some Etsy nut created called the Heart-o-tron. It tells you how many hearts you have as a shop, how many hearts each item has, how many hearts you got in the past day, and who those hearts belong to. I guess this speaks to the "heart obsession" in all Etsians...

Have you hearted me lately?

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  1. My etsy heart BELONGS to you! I owe you for introducing me to etsy!


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