Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Powerhouse of Greathouse Women

Well, I have returned from a week long (working) vacation! It was sweat-shop central in my mom's kitchen while I was visiting... Mom and I powered through almost 150 specialty I Spy Bags in about 6 days! I wish my sewing machine could record mileage... Just how many yards of stitches do you think that is?

In other news, my 4 yr old daughter, Etta, has turned into quite the little entrepreneur! She has started making cat toys out of I Spy Bag scraps - she calls them "strips." She sews them herself, then one of the adult Greathouse Women doubles it back and secures the bell. She has already sold out of the first batch, but has been busy making more since we returned from vacation. Each toy comes with a handmade tag with an original cat drawing by Etta herself. We will be listing some on Etsy very shortly!

Don't you wish you had a picture of the first dollar you ever made?


  1. I hope that people notice the famous picture in the background that is our logo! Hurray for Etta!

  2. We need to fulfill an order to Best Friends Vet Hospital!! Etta's products are sure to sell!


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