Saturday, August 2, 2008

More blooms!

It's a cool 70 degrees out right now, and my zinnias are popping! I'm also thrilled to see some of my pink sunflowers showing their faces along with the yellows that popped last week. The cosmos are still looking a bit sparse, but I bet when I get back from vacation in a week, they'll line the walk just as I imagined they would when I planted them...

Speaking of vacation, I'm really looking forward to visiting my mom and staying in the old farm house where I grew up. I know the landscape will be inspiring, and *maybe* I won't work too hard! My kids are ecstatic about seeing the kitties and swimming in the pool.... and it will feel just like home since I'll be bringing my sewing machine with me :)


  1. greathouse business #4: landscaping. your flowers are beautiful! i'm so jealous.


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