Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sharing Awesome Collections just got a lot easier!

Etsy is cool. Yes, most of us know that, but really it cannot be said enough. One of those neat things that makes Etsy unique is a feature called the Treasuries. The creation and execution of a treasury has morphed over the years, but the anatomy remains the same: member-curated collections of awesomeness. Treasuries used to be hard to create, as there were only allowed to be a limited number at any given time. Back in those days, it was very exciting to learn that one of your items was featured - equaling free advertising and exposure. These days, there is an unlimited number of Treasuries (meaning your chances are improved of having an item chosen to share space in one), but I still get excited when it happens to me :)

A website called CraftCult has now made it easy for me to share with you every time I am featured in a treasury. They create a pretty little linkable widget that I can post in my blog to share with my readers! Thank you to CraftCult, an incredibly useful site for Etsy sellers.

CraftCult reports that Those Greathouse Women has an item featured in 81 treasuries at the moment. Enjoy the few I have shared with you here, and have a very Merry Christmas this weekend!

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