Monday, November 15, 2010

The Mississippi Children's Museum - revisited

The past 8 weeks have been filled with red fleece.  My sewing machine is literally stained pink!  Why? The story begins several years ago when the Mississippi Children's Museum approached me about designing a custom I Spy Bag as a fundraising tool. I happily obliged by creating an incredible rocket ship modeled after the museum's logo.  The label was customized with their information and each trinket inside represented a different exhibit at the museum.  After several years of planning and development, the museum has become a reality and will be celebrating its grand opening this fall!  The museum ordered enough I Spy Bags to present one to every guest at their grand opening reception this week.  What an honor, and what a relief to have such a large order under my belt and out the door.

A very special thanks to the Mississippi Children's Museum!


  1. I am one of the buyers for the Mississippi Children's Museum gift shop and would love to discuss this"downsized" rocket toy you mentioned..Please call at your convenience...Kelley Fenelon
    cell....601 594 3511

  2. hey...was hoping to get some idea of a scaled down option for the children's museum...maybe smaller with 10 charms?? enjoyed our email is you had a great holiday! Kelley


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