Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't worry!

It seems that my last post scared a few customers into thinking I was finished with I Spy Bags! Nope. I will keep on keepin' on. Not to worry. I just like to get outside my box every once in awhile!

And for those of you who have been patiently waiting for me to list some more supplies to make your own I Spy Bags, here ya go!

Other than that, I've just been working working working. I made some more deer for the handwork group. I think I've got a whole herd going.... I want to make some bunnies next. And I designed some new I Spy Bags - two different suitcases. One geared for girls, one geared for boys, but they could each go either way...

Oh, and I purchased some showcase spots on Etsy. That means that there will be a link from the front page, and it is SUPPOSED to drive traffic to my shop. I've never done a showcase, so we'll see. My first one is coming up on March 2nd. I hope it is worth the $15! I will report back.

And in family news, I feel like my kids are so huge all of a sudden. My middle son just weighed in at 39 lbs (3 yr check up), and my youngest is not far behind. I can hardly pick them up! The toddler days are waning and my kids are turning into, well.... kids. I expect that none of their clothes will fit come spring! I may have to start designing children's clothes... wouldn't that be fun?

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  1. i would love to see some cutie pie clothes...sweet southern smocking???


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