Monday, June 9, 2008

Web Browsers - a review, and keeping 3 shops straight on the same computer

When I opened my second shop, GreathouseHardware, I found it quite impossible to keep track of which account I was logged into when I was posting in the forums, sending convos, and the like. I learned from another Etsy seller that the best way to keep track of 2 stores was to use 2 web browsers.

Now, I don't know about you, but I didn't even realize that I had a choice about web browsers. I just clicked on the little "e" (internet explorer) that came with my computer and there was the web. Now I learn that there are different programs that allow you to view websites, and that those programs can actually make the page look different? Whoa.

After a bit of research, I learned that Etsy is apparently best viewed (and developed for use in) a web browser called Firefox. So, I went to the website and downloaded the free program. Can I just say that I love it?!!! For one thing, it bugs me on Etsy that the links aren't "live" meaning when someone puts their website or blog in their profile, I can't just click on it and go there. I have to copy and paste it into my address bar (that little box at the top of the screen where the web address is located). Firefox automatically turns it into a link for you. They call it linkification. Firefox is smart like that (they have hundreds of other add-ons, too - still free). The other thing that I really love is that Firefox automatically spell checks everything that you type - anywhere. So, when I'm typing in the forums, or a message to someone, or even filling out a form, I get a red squiggly line under the word if Firefox thinks it is misspelled. Just think of all the typos I've avoided....

So, I have Firefox as my default browser now, which means it is automatically used when I go to the internet. When I turn on my computer, I open Firefox with tabs for my shop on Etsy and all the related accounts (Flickr, Gmail, Hotmail, blog). Then I open the other web browser, Internet Explorer, for my mom's shop and all the related accounts. This is wonderful because all I have to remember is Firefox=Those Greathouse Women, IE=Greathouse Hardware. Then I never have to log in and out or remember who I am when I'm emailing someone.

Whew! Just when I had all that figured out, I decided to open my newest shop, High Pie Supply. Now, I figure I need a third web browser. I do a quick search on Google for web browsers, and I can't believe how many there are! I finally decide on one called Safari, which I guess is developed for Mac computers (which I love but due to certain circumstances right now I have to use a Dell). You wouldn't believe how much different it makes the web look. I'm still getting used to it and I can't decide if I like it or not. I just really had no idea that web pages could look so different simply depending on which browser you were using!

Here are a couple of screen shots of the same page on Etsy:

As viewed on Firefox:

As viewed on Internet Explorer:

As viewed on Safari:

If you can't tell much of a difference, try clicking on the photos and comparing. You definitely see more of the web page itself by using Safari, but I don't care for the style of the drop down menus and the fonts.

I suppose it has a lot to do with what you are used to, but I found switching to Firefox very user friendly, and I absolutely love it (after spending umpteen years using IE and Netscape). I especially love linkification and spell check!

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  1. You are brave to go with more than one browser...phew! Scares me!


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