Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another break!

Well, after yesterday's SUPER sales, I have pondered why it was so..... It could be one of many variables that all came together at the same time. According to the statistics found on http://www.etsytools.com/, Mondays usually have the most sales, and yesterday had ALOT. On the other hand, I purchased my first showcase spot in the Children's category page and it ran yesterday. So, I was thinking last night that it was probably the showcase spot, which I originally didn't think would be THAT helpful. It was just an experiment. Well, the experiment was a success.... so I thought. So, this morning I got up and decided to purchase two more showcases. One will be on December 5th, the other on December 10th. So, I shelled out $14 this morning working off the assumption that it was the showcase that gave me the great sales.

It's likely that I am WRONG! I got an email this morning from a customer who forwarded this newsletter to me:

I was apparently featured in the December 3rd issue based on her suggestion! Thank you SO much Barbra at AllAboutTheButtons!

Here is a screenshot of ME in the newsletter:

Also, Barbra told me that Danielle at Etsy told her they were going to put an I Spy Bag in the Gift Guides. AND THEY DID! It's in the boys (3-7) category. This is the one they picked:

This is all very exciting for me and my mom (probably more for me haha)... I hope it keeps up after the holiday rush.
Tonight I'm working on some more I Spy Bags in shapes. I have some more hearts cut out, and I'm trying some stars. More later!


  1. I think your blog looks terrific and I am thrilled business has been brisk. I'm linking your blog to mine!

  2. Ha! I found your I Spy bags this morning completely randomly! I was actually searching for a "Fleece Pouch Sling!"


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