Sunday, November 11, 2007

Too much to do!!!

Well, yesterday is over and I don't feel like I did much! I guess that's not exactly true. I did get a few purses listed in my Etsy shop, so now I have a whopping 14 items for sale!!!!! With any luck, I'll make a sale today :)

This morning I sat at the sewing machine and tried to fix the I Spy bags my mom and I are making. The original batch just didn't look professional enough. Mom originally sewed them with raw edges out, which looked fine... but then I tried to fill them with the stuff and sew them up and it was a *nightmare* to do! We talked on the phone and decided we would try making them like a pillow and turning them in. Customers won't be able to see that they are double stitched, but we will put that on the tag. I think it will look nicer (and be easier) in the long run. I made one this morning out of this nice pink/orange retro looking fleece with an eye shaped hole. I think the eye shaped hole will become our signature on these bags since others are making them too. We want ours to be a *little* different.

I need to figure out how to post a picture right in the post. I know I have seen others do it. Maybe I'll post on Etsy this evening to find out how. Etsy is such a great community! Everyone is just so helpful, it's refreshing!

Well, I only have a half hour now before my husband goes to work and leaves me with the kids, so I better get something crafty done! LOL Not that my kids wouldn't *love* to help :)

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