Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another Saturday Morning

I stayed up too late last night :)
BUT, I vow to get some things done today regardless!

I need to take new photographs of my stickers and cards. I like how the purse pictures turned out, but now the paper goods seem lost and disorganized.I've been spending so much time getting all this computer marketing stuff set up that I regret to inform you that I've created NOTHING new this week. Ahem.

That is about to change! I plan to start a new line of graphic cards - starting today (hopefully). We'll see if my kiddos give me a chance this afternoon (read take a nap) to get some work done! It's easy to get a little computer stuff done here and there because I have my laptop right in the middle of the action in the kitchen. Sneaking off to my studio for some 'me' time is a whole 'nother story, though!

I got my flickr account opened! Here is the link: far only one photo - as a test - but check back often as I figure out how to work this to my benefit!

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