Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Children are quiet sometimes, too.

linen pant by scandeez
I have three kids. I work in the children's retail market. I've seen my fair share of brightly colored loud children's items. I've enjoyed many loud moments with my children (who have often been described as "loud" by family and friends). But sometimes, sometimes, all is quiet. Can you hear that? No? It's beautiful this silence, softness.

As a visual artist, my mind sometimes craves quietude. My eyes enjoy a place to rest. In this spirit, I gave myself a challenge.

felted baby shoes by thecleverkitty
My challenge: Create a quiet children's treasury to promote EtsyKids. You may know that I am a member of an Etsy team (a community of artists with similar products or interests) called the EtsyKids Team. I find it necessary and inspiring to be part of a community of artists dedicated to creating things just for children, but I find it tiresome to be bombarded with pop POW "zing!" - sometimes I want to celebrate the quiet.

There are many wonderful kids' items created by my team members, and it was difficult to choose just the right level of "noise."  I loved the process of making a treasury. Items that I snatched up right away slowly got shoved to the back as I found a new direction.  I am pleased. I hope you love what I have created here - may your eyes find some rest.

To find handmade items just for kids, search for the term "etsykids" using Etsy's search engine and you will see thousands of options.

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