Friday, August 20, 2010

Not exactly a grand entrance, but present none-the-less!

So. I have moved. Ah, life on the farm. The kids are enjoying it (as am I), but my studio is a crazy assortment of half-packed boxes, homeless design books and freshly painted shelving to house my yet-unpacked fabric. I am here... finding my way!

I officially re-opened the shop today. I have a whole TWO items listed right now. I know I have about 20 or so designs made, but not knowing what box they are in makes me nervous! Tonight my sewing machine will come out of its hiding place and land front and center on a cleared off sewing table. It is calling to me! Yesterday I found my thread, and my mom came over to help unpack trinkets. Finally, the new space is coming together and I can finally start production of my new fall line.

Stay tuned!

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