Monday, May 4, 2009

Fairy Salad

My mother visited over the weekend, and we (as usual) had lots of fun! She came up with the idea to have a fairy salad one day for our snack, and the kids absolutely loved it. They got to pick fresh flowers for a bouquet, and even some violets to eat on our salad. Purple cauliflower was a huge success, and I've never seen my kids want to eat salad so eagerly! Although, admittedly, my kids like salad anyway... this may not work for your own kids!

Credits: fairy crown made by my mom, cape by my grandma, shirt by hiccup apparel, melamine dinnerware from various seasons at Target (flower plates still available online).


  1. That looks yummy! It's nice to hear that you had a good time with your mother, it sounds like she really knows how to turn a salad into something more magical. I love the flower plates, by the way. Thanks for showing us where to get them, I may have to head over to Target and snag some for myself!

  2. Salads rule in my house,too. Looks great.

  3. My kids and salads don't mix, I love this idea though!


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